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The Top Acres Donor Herd

A Continuation of Quality

We continue to strive forward with a Donor Herd that has been selected to continue the breeding values most important to us.

We are now offering reasonably priced embryos from a variety of donors representing the Whizzbang, Snowstorm, Gredel, Priscilla and Snickerdoodle families among other favorites. These are the families that have produced breed leading sires that rank on top of the lists including three Premier Sires at Madison - Wonderment, Premium and Jet Pilot.

It's about results and it's about time! If making faster progress from proven maternal lines and complimentary matings is in your plan book, review the folllowing lienup and let's talk eggs. The matings have been made just as if we wanted to add to our 131 previous All Americans or to produce another Premier Sire. Whether at home, at the shows, or more importantly in the herds of breeders that have chosen our kind - we are proud -

   "The Breeding Shows"

The Whizzbang Family

Top Acres EJ Whizzbang.jpg

Top Acres EJ Whizzbang
5E93 - Superior Brood Cow
8-0 365d 28,980m 5.2% 1505f  3.5% 1011p
National Total Performance Winner, 1996
7X Nominated All-American - 4X All-American


Whizzbang has 10 EX offspring
including 3 All-Americans and
The Premier Sire: 
Top Acres C Wonderment ET

Whizzbang's most Preponent Reproducing Daughter


Top Acres Andre Whisper ET
5-7 365d 32,941m 5.8% 1921f 3.6% 1174p
Nominated All-American, 2005

Whisper is the reliable reproducing dam
of the Four Amazing Daughters
pictured below as well as:
3X Unanimous All-American Produce of Dam
2 All-American Daughters

Our Phenomenal Foursome - Whisper Daughters

Top Acres Supreme Wizard-ET use this one
Top Acres Supreme Wisp BFK55513 USE ONLY

Top Acres Supreme Wizard ET

7-5  365d  35,404m  4.9%  1737f  3.5%  1246p

Unanimous All American Sr. 3 Yr. Old, 2013
All American Component Merit Cow, 2017
Reserve All American 5 Year Old, 2015 
Reserve All American Sr. 2 Year Old, 2012
Reserve All American Winter Yearling, 2011
Hon. Men. All American Winter Calf, 2010
Member All American Produce, 2013, 2014, 2015 
Grand Champion, International Show, 2017
Res. Grand Champion, International Show, 2013, 2015

top acres bonanza whisp ET-5yo,pod-whisp

Top Acres Supreme Wisp

6/01   365d   33,729m   6.3%  2081f  3.2%  1097p
8/02   365d   31,100m   4.9%  1511f  3.2%    994p

Reserve All American 5 Year Old, 2012
Nominated All American Aged Cow, 2013
Hon. Men. All American Comp. Merit, 2015
2nd 5 Year Old, International Show, 2012
1st Aged Cow, Ohio State Fair, 2013
3rd Aged Cow, International Show, 2013
1st Dry Cow & Production Winner, Int., 2014

BFK55402 Top Acres PS Whazoo-ETdonor0714

Top Acres Bonanza Whisp ET


       3/05  365d 26,788m 7.1% 1811f  3.3%   904p
       5/04  365d 35,842m 6.2% 2251f  3.3% 1175p

All-American Jr. 2 Year Old, 2011
Nominated All-American 5 Year Old, 2014
1st Jr. 2 Year Old, International Show, 2011
Member Unanimous All-American Produce, 2014

Top Acres PS Whazoo ET


     2/07  365d  24,242m   5.6%  1383f   3.2%    774p
     4/08  365d  34,582m   5.3%  1826f  3.6%   1247p

Winner of 2011 All-American Swiss Futurity
2014 National Total Performance Winner
Top Acres Power Surge x Whisper

A Popular Member of the TA-ET Team


Bo Joy Ensign Gloria ET

4/10   365d    28,422m   4.1%   1170f   3.0%     843p
7/02   365d    34,773m   5.4%   1862f   3.3%  1127p

Senior & Grand Champion, Southeast National, 2011
Nominated All-American Component Merit Cow, 2011
Dam of Top Acres GPS ET

Dam: Bo Joy Emory Gretchen  2E93/93MS
6-7   365d   28,440m   4.4%   1263f   3.5%   983p
Nominated All-American, 1999
2nd dam: Chic-A-Wil Stylish Grace VG86
4-9   360d   19,870m   4.4%   880f   3.6%   710p
3rd dam: Chic-A-Wil Quick  2E
9-2   354d   22,330m   3.7%   820p

Gloria is one of 8 EX full sisters by Ensgin including
Glee 2E94 - All-American; Gredel  4E94 - 3X Res. AA &
Goldie  2E93 - 3X All-American 

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