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The Snowstorms - for 47 Years!


Snow | Snow Storm | Stylon | Stormy | Storm | Story

Story is producing fancy offspring including 7th generation "Ex's".
Embryos are available by very interesting sires.

Top Acres Dyna Story ET

       3-3   365d  22,554m   5.0   1135f   3.8   848p    
       4-8   365d  29,294m   5.3   1557f   3.3   950p

Top Acres Coll Storm ET 

   2-3    365d   22,600m   4.5%   1026f   3.3%    757p
   3-8    365d   25,820m   5.4%   1407f   3.5%    892p
   8-11  365d   27,971m   5.0%   1405f   3.8%  1054p

Sire: Collection
Dam: Top Acres Jetway Stormy ET E9193MS
3-8   365d   26,650m   4.2%   1116f   3.5%   935p
2nd dam: Top Acres Elegant Stylon ET 2E90
6-0   365d    32,370m   4.5%    1454f   3.8%   1222p
National Total Performance Winner
3rd dam: Kilravock Snow Storm 5E-Elite
7X All-American Nominee
National Total Performance Winner
4th dam: Kilravock Midnight Snow 5E-Elite

Superior Brood Cow

Another branch of the SNOW family tree

Terra Rose R Shannon ETRight.jpg

One of 7 EX maternal sisters including
Sadie 3E94/95MS, 
a Reserve All-American at Jo-Dee Swiss

GPS embryos available from Shannon

Terra Rose R Shannon ET

5-6   365d   30,857m   4.4%   1354f    3.4%   1037p

Member Reserve All-American Produce, 2008

Sire: Forest Lawn TJ Rhythm "Ex"
Dam: Kulp Gen Starbuck Shania  3E94/95MS
6-9   305d    30,260m    4.2%    1257f   3.4%   1015p
2X All-American
2nd dam: Sun-Made Patrick Stardom  2E90/90MS
5-4   365d   25,750m   5.0%   1277f   3.7%   964p
3rd dam: Golden Sun Billy Starbrite ET  3E
6-5   365d   35,410m   3.9%    1372f   3.5%   1249p
4th dam: Top Acres Elegant Starlite ET  3E-Elite
Superior Brood Cow
9-5   365d   34,360m   4.7%   1618f   3.6%   1247p
5th dam: Kilravock Snow Storm  5E-Elite
7X All-American Nominee
National Total Performance Winner
Superior Brood Cow
6th dam: Kilravock Midnight Snow  5E-Elite
Superior Brood Cow

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