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Eastern Breeder’s Sale

Muncy, Pennsylvania | October 23, 2021

88 Lots Averaged $2,108.

The 85th Anniversary Edition of the Eastern Breeder’s Sale was held on Saturday, October 23, 2021, in Muncy, Pennsylvania at the Fraley Auction Company. Eighty-eight lots averaged $2,108 and were purchased by breeders in 16 states.

Topping the sale at $9,000 was lot 100 and Junior Champion of the 2021 Premier National Junior Show, Bo Shona Doboy Hermoine. Consigned by Keelan Pavelski of Pennsylvania, this fancy summer yearling by Switzer Tals Drdvl Doboy ET also sold with a first Junior and third Open Summer Yearling credits at the recently held World Dairy Expo. Hermoine sold checked pregnant with a heifer calf by Jobo Wonder Bosephus ET and is from the Meadow Hill Jade Aburie 3E92 family. Watch for her at future shows as her new Junior/Senior owner combo, Amelia Somers and Ken Main of New York continue to develop her winning ways.

Genomics was the name of the game for the second-high seller of the day at $7,500. Pine-Tree Dairy of Ohio, consigned the Portmann BS Bays Jonmar sired calf, Pine-Tree 6717 Jonm 9151 ET. The July 2021 calf sold with a PPR +176, PTAT +0.5, UDC +0.91, +794M +49F +38P +596NM$ and health traits of PL +4.2 and DPR +0.6. She is out of a Hilton ET two-year-old dam with PPR +144 and +560NM$. The next several dams are all Very Good or Excellent with records to 33,840M. She was purchased by ST Genetics of Texas.

The top-selling embryo package also sold for $7,500. Five #1 IVF (fe sorted) embryos from the combined Champion families of Top Acres Supreme Wizard ET 3E95 and Cutting Edge T Foremost were consigned by Top Acres of St. Paris, Ohio.  Wizard, the 2017 Grand Champion of World Dairy Expo is from the World of Whizzbang. Foremost’s full sister, Faye, was recently named the Grand Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion of this past World Dairy Expo. These potential champion embryos were purchased by Cripple Creek Farms of New York.

The sale was managed by Modern Associates Sales of St. Paris, Ohio with facility owners, Adam Fraley and Harold Fraley as auctioneers. Pedigrees were read by Wayne Sliker. Brian Garrison, Gordon DeMay and Larry Hill were ringside with cattle preparation by Dale Bendig, Andrew Evans, Bob Nagel and Justin Kaufman. Providing the clerking were Kathy DeMay and the Fraleys. The talented Fraley twins, Dakota and Landree, presented the sale cattle along with Levi Cooley and Wesley Brantnder.


Additional Top Sellers of the day:


A Joy D Sheraton..........$6100

Consignor: Michala Kuhlman, PA

Buyer: Nierman Family, IN

5 Embryos - Brown Heaven C First Choice x Jenlar Carter Waltz ETV..........$5250

Consignor: Brianna Meyer, WI

Buyer: Peter Vail, FL

R N R F&F Prima..........$4900

Consignor: Ron & Renee Michalovich, OH

Buyer: Emily Fisher, NH

Blessing Garbro D Petra ETV..........$4700

Consignors: Blessing Farms & Garrison Bros, IN

Buyer: Kently Thompson, WI

Richmond-FD Madison ET..........$4500

Consignor: Leila Richmond, NY

Buyer: Pine-Tree Dairy, OH

Top Acres Cade Whiffle ETV..........$3800

Consignor: Wayne E. Sliker, OH

Buyer: Dylan Fry, NJ

Round Hill Carter Wasabi ET..........$3800

Consignor: Kaylah Simpson, MD

Buyer: Cindy Warner, MD

Round Hill Carter Wink ETV..........$3600

Consignor: Kortney Smithling, NY

Buyer: William Harrison, VA

4 Embryos – Norwin X Top Acres Famous Winzer ET..........$3600

Consignor: Cripple Creek Farm, NY

Buyer: Bruce Haase, SD

Nutmeg Acres CP Pepper..........$3500

Consignor: Ken Main, NY

Buyer: Alan Brisson, VT