86th Anniversary 

Eastern Breeders Sa;e

October 22, 2022

Muncy, PA

 Sale Schedule

The Breeder’s Touch

Columbia City, IN---APRIL 30, 2022

The sale is successfully in the books with a final average of $6660. on 93 Lots going to 20 different states with an outstanding top of $45,000 for Hilltop Acres DB Whisper ETV. 23 Hi-level embryos averaged $1391. The well attended event was hosted by Blessing Farms and conducted at the Whitley Co. 4-H Fairgrounds with support from Balchem Animal Health & Nutrition, Select Sires, Boviteq, New Generation Genetics, Dairy Agenda Today, Golden-Link, and JaCher Graphics. The offering was loaded with high quality consignments from Master Breeder herds and Friends. A Pre-Sale event held the evening prior featured sale cattle viewing and Bar-B-Q as well as history displays by the Brown Swiss Historical Society and Blessing Farms.

Modern Associates managed the Breeder’s Touch with nationwide selections by Wayne Sliker, Brian Garrison and Dale Bendig. Long time associates Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting handled auctioneering duties with Wayne Sliker as Boxman. Working the ring and the phones were Brian Garrison, Norman Magnussen, Lee Barber, Joe Sparrow, Jake Hushon, Kathi Brown-Meier and Gordon DeMay. Erica Davis was active online representing Cowbuyer bidders. The seasoned clerking staff included Connie Sliker, Deb Hoffman and Cindy Worden.

The five high sellers are pictured below along with the players involved---followed by the additional lots selling for over $10,000 with their consignors and buyers.

Starting the sale off with a bang and tops for the day at $45,000. was Hilltop Acres DB Whisper-ET, the current #1 PTAT cow of the breed with a deep pedigree and consigned by Hilltop Acres Farm, Calmar, IA. Dylan Fry of Robbinsville, NJ placed the winning bid with Main & Manion, NY contending.




Pictured with Whisper l to r: Norm Magnussen, sales team; Tanner and Dennis Mashek, consignors; Dylan Fry, buyer; Ryland Nierman holding Whisper; Ken Main contender for Edge View Genetics; Brian Garrison and Lee Barber, sales team; Wayne Sliker, pedigrees, with Auctioneers Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting in the box.


The All-American, Brook Hollow C Pristine second high seller at $28,500. Pictured with (l to r) Kathi Brown Meier representing Peter Vail, FL, buyer; Lee Barber and Dale Bendig, sales team; Heather Oros Yoder and Delbert Yoder, consignors; Brian Garrison representing the contender, Heartland Dairy, LLC, WI. Wayne Sliker, Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting in the box.


Empire Famous Lucy $23,000. was 3rd high, consigned by the Demays in NY, and pictured with (l to r) Lee Barber, sales team; Brian Garrison sales team and contending bidder with Steve Blessing; Ryland Nierman and Brian Nierman, buyers. Wayne Sliker, Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting in the box.


VB RF PZ Sega Jackpot ET $20,500. pictured with (l to r) Kathi Brown-Meier representing ST Genetics,TX, buyer; Chris and Hilary Voegeli, consignors; Heather Oros Yoder with Jackpot; Brian Garrison, representing the contenders Pine Tree Dairy, OH; Lee Barber, sales team. Wayne Sliker, Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting in the box.


Edge View F Destinee ETV sold for $17,000 as the fifth high seller for consignors Ken Main and Kenny Joe Manion. She was purchased by Peter Vail, FL and Clark Woodmansee of CT. Pictured (l-r) Brian Garrison, sales team, Ken Main representing Edge View Genetics the consignor; Heather Yoder on the halter; Dale Bendig representing the buyers; Lee Barber and Norm Magnussen, sales staff. Wayne Sliker, Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting in the box.

sales staffSM.jpg

The exceptionally dedicated sales team (l to r) Richard Kepler, Makenzie Resler, Brian Garrison, Hunter Smalley, Bryce Birk, Dylan Duncan, Emily Fisher, Andrew Evans, Hannah Harvey, Heather Oros Yoder, Lee Barber, and Dale Bendig Pictured along with Wayne Sliker, Darrell Worden and Tim Eiting in the box.

Listed below are additional lots selling for $10,000 or more:

Blessing Garbro Famous Fire                               $16,000

Consignor: Blessing Farms & Garrison Bros., IN/OH

Buyer: Landree and Dakota Fraley, PA


Blessing Garbro F Patricia                                    $15,000

Consignor: Blessing Farms & Garrison Bros., IN/OH

Buyer: Brooke and Braxton Foote, Dolgeville, NY


Top Acres Famous Wrazor ETV                            $13,600

Consignor: Top Acres, OH

Buyer: Caylee Nicole James, IN


Choice of 3 Famous X Jenlar Carter Waltz ET     $11,500

Consignor: Brianna, Austin & Abby Meyer, WI

Buyer: Don Graft, IN


Ruhls Ranch Braiden Eve                                     $10,700

Consignor: Ally Jones & Hadleigh, Ezra & Kenna Jones, KY

Buyer: Ameila Somers, NY


Top Acres Rampage Wizer ETV                            $10,700

Consignor: Top Acres, OH

Buyer: Billie Jo Swope Rhodes, VA

Wizard x Doboy Embryo Package                         $10,500

Consignor: Top Acres, OH

Buyer: Rager Brothers Farm, OH


A Joy T Snowfall                                                     $10,200

Consignor: A-Joy Swiss, PA

Buyer: Peter Vail, FL


Blessing Garbro C Pasha ETV                              $10,000

Consignor: Blessing Farms & Garrison Bros., IN/OH

Buyer: Blessing Farm, IN


Top Acres HP Winanna ET                                    $10,000

Consignor: Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion, NY

Buyer: Trevor Bigelow, NY