Fall for Colors ET Sale III
Cross Plains, Wisconsin
11 a.m., Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hosted by Mike and Linda Hellenbrand


102 Head Averaged $3064.71

11 Milking Shorthorns averaged $3845.45

17 Guernseys averaged $3693.75

32 Brown Swiss averaged $3234.38

20 Holsteins averaged $2905.26

22 Jerseys averaged $2386.36



Mike and Linda Hellenbrand hosted their third Fall for Colors ET Sale at City Slickers Farm near Cross Plains, Wisconsin. The weather was challenging earlier in the week with strong winds and heavy rains. Fortunately that all changed into a beautiful sale day for both cattle and people on Saturday. The multi-breed event provided the advertised “Truly something for Everyone” thru high quality in each of the breeds offered. A large crowd was on hand to see cattle sell into 15 states as well as Alberta, British Columbia, and the Dominican Republic.

As usual, the Hellenbrands were great hosts with their traditional and well attended Octoberfest the evening prior to the sale. The sale was managed by Modern Associates, St. Paris, Ohio. A talented all-breed sales force included Darrell Worden and Stanley Chupp as auctioneers assisted by ringmen and phone handlers Brian Garrison, Kristen Paul. Dale Chupp, Lee Barber, Keith Fisher, and Dale Bendig. Seth Johnson capably handled the Guernsey pedigrees with Wayne Sliker providing announcements on the other breeds. Jason Robinson headed up the fitting crew that had the cattle in top sale condition.


High Sellers in each Breed

High selling Brown Swiss was Lot 16, a First Choice of Females (Legacy x Gloria) at $10,000. Left to right: Mike Hellenbrand, sale sponsor; Keith Fisher, phone rep for Bradner Farms, Abbotsford, British Columbia, buyers; Linda Hellenbrand, sale sponosor; Connie Sliker, consignor; Brian Garrison, phone rep for Kaylah Gulley, contender. In the box: Wayne Sliker, consignor and sale manager, Darrell Worden, auctioneer.


Other High Brown Swiss:
Lot 11 – Brothers Three HP Wicked ET - $5,100
Buyer: Faithful Acres, Liverpool, NY
Consignor: Hillpoint and Brothers Three, Cross Plains, WI

Lot 14 – SDF HP Wonder Sapphire ET - $4,400.
Buyer: Jathan Saltzman, Alvada, OH
Consignor: Hillpoint and Garbro Swiss, Cross Plains, WI


High Selling Holstein was Lot 84, Opsal-P Planet Buffy-ET, who sold for $10,000. Left to right: The Hellenbrands and the Pfaffs, consignors; Dale Bendig, representing the contending bidders. Buyers were Sexing Technologies, Navasota, Texas, not available at picture time. In the box: Wayne Sliker, pedigrees, and Darrell Worden, auctioneer.

Other High Holsteins:
Lot 78 – Starmark Rosepetal Red ET - $4,200.
Buyer: Joshua Bredlau, Granton, WI
Consignor: Starmark, Wooster, OH

Lot 76 – Me-Do-Crest HP Jas Alisa ET - $3,500.
Buyer: Kevin Griswold, Ixonia, WI
Consignor: Me-Do Meadows and Hillpoint, Cross Plains, WI


High Selling Milking Shorthorn was Lot 98, HC-HP Rebel Melinda EXP ET, selling for $7750. Left to right: Mike and Linda Hellenbrand and Keith and Donnette Fisher, sellers; Carissa Levash, leadsperson; Dale Bendig, representing buyers, The Melinda Syndicate from PA, WI and IA. In the box Wayne Sliker, pedigrees, and Darrell Worden, auctioneer.


Other High Milking Shorthorns:
Lot 100 – Rovin Mega Pretty Pie ET - $5,000.
Buyer: John and Marjorie Kuszlyk, Batavia, NY
Consignor: Rovin Acres, Hixton, WI

Lot 105 – BDF H-R Jewel Julep-ET - $4,800.
Buyer: Keith Rademacher, Cottage Grove, WI
Consignor: Vince Ruzic and Mike Hellenbrand, WI


Second high selling lot for Guernseys was Chupps Hillpoint Pie Mariah-ET, selling for $5200. Left to right: Mike and Linda Hellenbrand, sellers; Chelsea Holschbach, leadsperson; Dale and Stanley Chupp of the sales force representing buyer Paige Chupp.


High Selling Guernsey - Lot 36 - 1st Choice (Pie x Altann) - $7600
Buyer: Evelyn Roedl, Edgewood, Illinois
Consignor: Aaron Gable, New Enterprise, Pennsylvania

Lot 49 – Knapps Hillpoint Les Trixie ET – $5,000.
Buyer: David Knapp, Epworth, IA
Consignors: Knapps/City Slickers LLC, WI


High Selling Jersey, Lot 54 - Freeman HP Sassy-ET, selling for $6000. Left to right: Mike and Linda Hellenbrand, sellers; Laura Elliott, leadsperson; Tracy Morey, Alberta, Canada, buyer. In the box: Wayne Sliker, pedigrees and Darrell Worden, auctioneer.


Other High Jerseys
Lot 55 – Freeman Jevon Special ET - $4,500
Buyer: David Morey, Rochester, AB, Canada
Consignor: Hillpoint Partners, Cross Plains, WI

Lot 58 - Unique HP Car Bundle ET - $3,500
Buyer: David Morey, Rochester, AB, Canada
Consignor: Hillpoint and Unique Stock Farms, WI



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